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Lead with Agility, Thrive on Intelligence: March 2024 Newsletter Insights

Welcome to our March 2024 newsletter, your monthly source for Lean Agile Intelligence insights, company news, and product highlights.  This month, we're focusing on delivering you value through our new Lean Agile Intelligence features, introducing the newest addition to our team, Bob Ternes leading sales and partnerships, and providing details on our Reseller & Strategic Partner Sales Enablement Training. 

What's Inside:

  • New Features are Coming! This month we are changing the game with our "out of the box" Dimension Name changes and giving you additional power with capability template role assignments.
  • Company News: Welcome Bob! Our newest addition to the team.
  • Events: Don't miss our upcoming Reseller & Strategic Partner Only! Sales Enablement Training happening on 3/28/2024.

New Features are Coming!

Get ready for an exciting update on March 24th! Our upcoming features are tailored to enhance your data analysis and insights, making data collection a breeze and a delightful experience for all involved, whether you're overseeing the feedback process or contributing feedback. These enhancements, inspired by your valuable input, guarantee a seamless experience and provide even more profound, actionable insights.

Dimension Name Changes
Evolving with the new landscape

We’ve updated our “out of the box” dimension names to better align with the value of each dimension, enabling more fruitful conversation as you drive towards outcomes in your organization.

Old Dimension Names as seen in the Team Agility Capability Template

New Dimension Names as seen in the Team Agility Capability Template

Value Driven is now Product
  • Capabilities in this dimension focus on the degree to which efforts are customer-centric, outcome-focused, and value-driven. Those who excel in this dimension are more likely to realize higher levels of Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Innovation.
Dynamics is now Culture
  • Capabilities in this dimension focus on interactions, behaviors, and beliefs. Those who excel in this dimension are more likely to realize higher levels of Employee Satisfaction and Innovation.
Quality is now Engineering
  • Capabilities in this dimension focus on sustainable software engineering practices and a focus on quality. Those who excel in this dimension are more likely to realize higher levels of Reliability and Predictability.
Adapt is now Process
  • Capabilities in this dimension focus on orchestrating the ability to respond to change and maintain a continuous flow of value to the customer. Those who excel in this dimension are more likely to realize higher levels of Responsiveness, Predictability, and Time to Market.
Improve is now Improvement
  • Capabilities in this dimension focus on the willingness to learn from experience and continuously improve on all aspects of delivery. Organizations, teams, and individuals who excel in this dimension are more likely to realize higher levels of Time to Market and Employee Satisfaction.

Customers on paid plans

We understand the potential impact of a name change on a large organization. If you are on a paid plan, rest assured that your "out-of-the-box" names will remain unchanged. We have reached out to your administrator to inquire if you would like to proceed with the update. If you wish to implement this update and are on a paid plan, please feel free to contact us, and we will apply the changes to your environment.


Role Assigned Capabilities
Enhanced Data Clarity and Insight

1Screenshot 2024-03-15 202255

Many of you play a crucial role in implementing a measurement strategy across various business verticals, whether overseeing a small team or managing up to 100's of teams. Each of you brings a unique perspective to the table, yet the challenge remains consistent - effectively connecting the data dots turning chaos into clarity while ensuring a seamless feedback experience for both facilitators and participants is really hard to do.

In our quest to continuously support your growth and improvement, we've identified key challenges that many of you face, and here's what we've heard from you:

  • "We are a software organization and not all team members feel equipped or informed enough to assess certain capabilities accurately."
  • "We are a consulting firm doing a discovery and want the stakeholder to be able to delegate assessment answers to their team members who cannot assess for each capability in the template used."

In response, we introduce...

Role Assigned Capabilities for Custom Capability Templates

Custom Roles

  • Reflects Unique Context: Our "out of the box" roles might not fit your team's unique structure or terminology, leading to confusion and misalignment during assessments. You can now add up to 100 custom roles to your capability templates, allowing you to use terminology that reflects your team's common language accurately.
  • Improves Accuracy: By aligning roles accurately, team members can assess capabilities more effectively.

Enable Role Assignments on Custom Capability Template

  • Step 1: Assign roles to the Capability Template 
    Enabling Role Assignments on your custom Capability Template will set the role selection options when this assessment is launched, limiting the selection only to what is set during this step.

  • Step 2: Select the Roles that will assess the capability when this template is launched
    The roles available in this step are driven from the roles set on the capability template in Step 1.  Setting Role Assignments on the Capability level allows you to scale and execute your measurement strategy across 100s of teams, still giving the facilitator flexibility at the launch of the assessment to update the role-capability assignments.

Update Role Assignments on Launch

  • Even at scale, context can change from team to team and we recognize that default role assignments may need to be adjusted based on team or organizational changes.  So upon launch, facilitators have the option to modify these during the Assign Roles step (now, part of every role-enabled template launch journey).

Data Aggregation With Custom Roles

With the flexibility to create numerous custom roles, aggregating data across roles (e.g., Product Owner, PO, Scrum PO) can become complex and unmanageable at scale. For example, you might want to aggregate all the roles to see feedback from Product Owner, Product Team Member, Senior Product Owner, etc., because you believe a capability's feedback is being misrepresented.

To ensure you get the best representation of your data and simplify analysis and aggregation, we recommend the following when using this new feature:

  • Organizational Role Guidelines: To avoid redundancy and ensure clarity, we recommend establishing clear guidelines for role creation.

  • Role Standardization and Mapping: By standardizing role names and creating a mapping system for similar roles, we streamline data analysis, making it easier to draw meaningful insights from across the organization.


📣 Company News

Welcome Bob Ternes!

We're thrilled to announce Bob Ternes as the newest addition to our team! Bob brings a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from scaling mountain peaks to scaling business heights with transformative strategies. With his extensive background in Agile methodologies and business transformation, Bob is well-equipped to lead our clients and partners to success.


Bob will be instrumental in:
➡  Assisting leaders and internal change agents seeking to align measures and growth to strategy and objectives, and gain clarity on what is blocking value delivery using a comprehensive measurement strategy.
➡ Empowering our Partners to enable clients to prioritize, measure, and visualize capability growth based on context and outcomes, making it easier to track progress and demonstrate the value of their efforts as consultants and embedded change agents.

Bob’s unique blend of experience promises to guide us through uncharted territories confidently. He is attuned to what makes customers and partners successful.

If you would love to connect with him and learn how LAI can support you, use this scheduling page to get on his calendar. 💬 Meet with Bob Ternes

Oh! And don't forget to ask him about his recent climbing adventure!  🏔



🎟️ Partner Only Event!

Don't miss this! As part of our partnership experience, Reseller and Strategic partners are invited to participate in an Exclusive Partner Sales Enablement Training, on 🗓️ March 28th at 11am EST. But hurry, spots are limited and time is ticking.

  • Learn how to create new opportunities for services and tooling using LAI products

  • Discover insights from the LAI team on guiding our 6-Week Free Trial for a competitive advantage.

  • Go hands-on with Lean Agile Intelligence in a fully supportive environment.

  • Meet fellow partners and expand your professional network


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