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Lean into Progress: February 2024 Newsletter Insights

Welcome to our February 2024 newsletter, your monthly source for Lean Agile Intelligence insights, company news, and product highlights. From product innovations to collaborative milestones, February is all about enhancing our capabilities and enriching our partnerships.

What's Inside:

  • Feature of the Month: Explore the benefits and applications of Quantitative Capability Assessments.

  • Partner Program Enhancements: Learn about the latest improvements and how they can benefit your business.

  • Special Event: Details on our upcoming Reseller & Strategic Partner Enablement Training.

  • New Features on the Horizon: Sneak peek into what we're working on, including AI enhancements and automatic scoring for assessments. 

Product Highlights: Features that Empower

Our focus this month is on our Quantitative Capability Assessments. By integrating this with our Qualitative Capability Templates, we’re making the process of turning chaos into clarity even more powerful.

Feature of the Month - Quantitative Capability Assessments
Enhance Your Organizational Performance with Data-Driven Insights

team metrics

Prepare to transform how your organization reviews and discusses performance metrics with - Quantitative Capability Assessments. Redefine performance analysis by shifting the focus from raw numbers to meaningful, contextual, and honest conversations.

Diving into Quantitative Capability Assessments

Quantitative Capability Assessments simplify the complexity of performance metrics.

By presenting your analysis of the performance metrics data on a normalized scale from 1-4 cuts through the noise and allows for clear, unbiased discussions about what the numbers truly signify. No longer will leaders be misguided by metrics that are really for the team, such as sprint velocities that can often be misinterpreted outside of a team.


This feature is more than just an assessment; it's a catalyst for capability improvements in your organization.

  • Simplified Measurement: Converts complex metrics into a straightforward scale that anyone can understand.

  • Safe Discussions: Creates an environment where teams can candidly discuss their performance without fear of misjudgment based on raw statistics.

  • Accurate Contextual Analysis: Paints the real picture of team performance by aligning it with the specific context of their work providing value.

Our most popular Quantitative Capability Template is Team Performance Metrics. With this template, you can track your teams performance metrics in real-time and easily identify trends and pattern (1)


💼 Where this is Successful

Imagine, you are a leader of a team. Maybe you’re a tech lead, a manager or a Scrum Master. Your job is to ensure your team has the ability to continuously improve. But how do you know if your team is improving and how do you know those improvements are actually making a difference?

Customers use LAI every sprint to visualize team performance metrics aligned with their measurement strategy. Team sprint performance metrics usually come from the team's backlog tool.  Sprint performance metrics typically originate from the team's backlog tool. Many customers express dissatisfaction with tools like Jira, as they hinder the accurate storytelling of events.  

How many times have you started a sprint and forgot to add stories that you actually did talk about and commit to, but the button to start the sprint was triggered before your team had your sprint planning meeting (it's ok, it happens). Various scenarios lead to misleading metrics daily due to tool constraints. While these limitations serve a purpose, leaders must trust data for prompt decision-making. LAI enables crafting the true narrative from your data, ensuring trustworthy insights for informed decisions.

Easily extract your performance metrics from an Excel export of your work management tool or any other tool that contains the desired metric.  Below is an example of what your Performance Metrics could look like in LAI.

Points Trends

Now these metrics alone aren't really enough to tell the story about what is happening.  For the Warriors, we can see that while the performance metrics are improving, their practices and behaviors weren't telling the same story.

The Outcome:

Quantitative Capability Assessments are paving the way for smarter, more empathetic, and context-aware performance discussions. By integrating this feature into your performance evaluation process, your organization can foster a more transparent, supportive, and ultimately more effective work environment.

Lean into the true narrative of your team's performance and drive meaningful, sustained improvement across your organization today.

Take your organization's performance analysis to the next level with our Quantitative Capability Assessments.

Start empowering your organization today. Log into Lean Agile Intelligence and begin your journey towards turning chaos into clarity.


Company News: Achieving Together

Our community is our strength, and together, we've reached new heights. This past quarter has been filled with milestones, collaborative successes, and the seeds of upcoming ventures that promise to redefine agility.

DALL·E 2024-02-26 15.52.56 - Create an image that visually represents the Lean Agile Intelligence (LAI) Partner Program, highlighting the essence of partnership, growth, and innov

Partner Program Updates!

The LAI Partner Program just got better, with more support, opportunities, and rewards. Our latest enhancements aim to foster even more rewarding and effective collaborations, ensuring that together, we can achieve remarkable success and drive continuous improvement across the board.

What's New for You and Your Clients?

  • Customized Support: We've introduced new tools and resources to provide targeted support, helping you leverage LAI's full potential.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Gain access to special promotions and opportunities designed to elevate your business and offer added value to your clients.
  • Revenue Growth: With improved partnership options, including our lucrative reseller program, we've made it easier for you to increase your earnings and drive mutual success.

For more information check out our Partnership Program Brochure and complete the Partner Questionnaire.

🗓️ Upcoming Partner Event!

Mark your calendars for our Reseller & Strategic Partner 6-Week Pilot Enablement Training on March 28th at 11 am EST. Make sure you complete the Partner Questionnaire and the Self-Service Product Enablement beforehand.

Take the next step towards maximizing your partnership benefits by completing our Partner Program Questionnaire today. Let's embark on this journey together, optimizing our partnership to unlock new opportunities and a future of shared achievements.



What's on the Horizon: The Road Ahead

We're constantly innovating to bring you cutting-edge features that turn chaos into clarity!

What we are working on now:

  • New Insight Canvas Enhancements
  • Assigning Role to Capability
  • Customizing Role
  • Updating Dimension Construct

What's next: Anticipate tools that will further tailor the LAI experience to your organization's unique objectives.

  • AI is coming to LAI
  • Automatic Scoring of Quantitative Assessments
  • Launching a Measurement Plan

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