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Everything Just Got Easier With LAI

Meet Chris, Sam, and Alex 💻

The week starts with Chris at the helm, who once grappled with the cumbersome task of aggregating all of the data from all the assessments in spreadsheets and building pivot tables to view the data in a meaningful way to make decisions as the VP of his organization. Now, armed with LAI's new 'Manage Assessments' screen amongst many other valuable features, Chris experiences a pivotal shift as a leader. What used to be a tedious task of data relationships, queries and dots connecting is now done for Chris automatically, and is as easy as watching the status turn from 'InProgress' to 'Completed'! The platform offers a panoramic view of all assessments, enabling Chris to coordinate with agile delivery leaders like Sam and pinpoint areas requiring support. Once Sam has facilitated all the assessments, Chris will be ready to make some informed decisions to support his measurement strategy, driving the operational outcomes he is now confident in achieving to realize the business strategy.

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Meanwhile, Sam, traditionally caught in a Monday frenzy of emails and urgent calls, finds herself in a rare state of calm. Logging into LAI, she discovers a newfound sense of control. Through the same 'Manage Assessments' screen and the new Assessment Details info, Sam efficiently oversees her facilitator duties. She spots Linda’s pending start and others in mid-assessment, promptly offering guidance.

By the time Wednesday rolls around, Chris and Sam successfully oversee the 100% completion rate of all assessments across teams with all data ready to drive insights through collective discussion and collaborative action-taking, turning what used to be a complex task into an efficient and rewarding process. The data gathered now serves as a rich resource, enabling Chris to drive meeting outcomes with LAI's Insight Canvas and provide the tools necessary for agile delivery leaders, like Sam who drive the results.

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Concurrently, Sam, with the aid of the platform, has managed to guide her team members through their assessments with remarkable efficiency. She now has precise data for the inspect and adapt meeting, turning insights into focused Improvement Actions (IAs) for her team.

Alex, meanwhile, navigates his week with a new level of engagement. He approaches his assessment in LAI with ease, thanks to its user-friendly design. An unexpected meeting interrupts, but the 'Pause & Come Back' feature ensures a hassle-free return. This feature also keeps Sam informed of his status, ensuring she can provide support whenever needed. For Alex, the platform respects his time and enhances his contribution to the team, providing helpful 'Learning Content' so Alex can take action to improve in areas on his own while contributing to the overall commitments of the team.

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As the week concludes, the synergy of Chris’s leadership and measurement plan supporting the overarching measurement strategy, Sam’s agile delivery leadership, and Alex’s engaged participation highlights the unifying power of the new LAI's features. Chris's adept strategy ensures that agile delivery leaders like Sam have the right plan with the tools and data that they need at their disposal. Sam’s newfound efficiency and strategic insights directly enhance the experience and performance of team members like Alex. Moreover, Alex's engaged feedback and active participation become the driving force to realize the outcomes your organization is strategically aligned to with LAI. But don't just take our word for it – dive in and explore for yourself.

➡️ Login to LAI to experience the new features or read the release notes here!


Strategy Spotlight

Measurement Strategy Enablement
Fill In Your Capabilities Gap

Sample Team Assessment Strategy (4)

It's a frequent scenario: organizations are immersed in data from countless metrics and continuous assessments but still struggle to reach their goals. This predicament typically stems from the lack of an integrated measurement strategy. A comprehensive and well-structured measurement strategy is crucial. It brings clarity and direction to your data analysis efforts, aligning each metric and piece of feedback with your organizational objectives. By ensuring that every assessment is a deliberate step towards your goals, this approach transforms data into meaningful progress.

Discover the transformative power of this approach in our Measurement Strategy Enablement and see how it can guide your decision-making process. 


Are You Ready For 2024?

A Sneak Peek into LAI's Next Release and Beyond!

Are ready for 2024? Because we certainly are! You have asked for them and we have listened! Check out our Big Ticket items that we plan on delivering in 2024.

What we are working on Now

The next release is all about you – making your work easier, your insights deeper, and your outcomes more impactful.

Insight Canvas Enhancements
The Insight Canvas is getting a facelift, offering you a more dynamic way to visualize and understand your data. The goal is to forge stronger connections and paint a clearer strategic picture for your organization so you can take the right actions at the right time .

Partnership Program

The Lean Agile Intelligence (LAI) Partner Program is designed for partners big and small who share our mission of self-sustaining teams that have the capabilities necessary to deliver on the organization’s strategic objectives and compete in today’s fast-moving environment. Our unique partnership options provide access to exclusive tools, resources, promotions, and opportunities for revenue growth, no matter your company size. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and shared success, our program options supports a variety of partners ranging from independent consultants to large enterprises. Contact us if you are interesting in becoming a partner!

Renaming of LAI Constructs
To enhance your experience, we’re updating our terminology for greater clarity and ease of use. This renaming initiative is aimed at making our platform more accessible and enabling you to communicate your progress more effectively.

What we are working on Next

That's not all! We are already working behind the scenes on some key features we are looking to include beyond Q1 in 2024!
  • Insight Canvas Enhancements to better help you identify what areas to optimize 
  • Visualizing Metrics during Quantitative Assessments
  • AI to identify Improvement Actions (IAs)
  • Measurement Strategy and Plan Enhancements
  • Auto-scoring Quantitative Assessments with Metrics
  • Expanding on our integrations and API
The goal is to help you drive outcomes and enable teams in the most efficient ways possible! As always, you can stay on top of our upcoming LAI platform changes here:
Remember, achieving success is a continuous journey, and we are here to be your trusted guide every step of the way! Reach out to us anytime on our Contact Us page or email us at

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