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LAI 2023 Recap and Community Spotlight!

Lean Agile Intelligence 2023 Year in Review

We have lots to share as we close out 2023! LAI has had nothing but growth this year and plans to continue that trend through 2024!  This month we want to celebrate our partner Tactec who is changing the DevOps game and just created content to help you improve your tech debt strategy in 2024.  Jess Wolfe, LAI's head of growth talks outcomes driven improvement with Dave Prior in's Reluctant Agilist Podcast.  We have more Growth and Learning Library content and lots to share going into the new year!

2023 Year End Review

Customer Value Delivered in 2023!

Quantitative Templates

Introduced in January, quantitative assessments offer a clear way to drive the metrics dimension of your measurement strategy.

Assessment Template Documentation

Growth & Learning Library

Introduced in April, the purpose of the Growth & Learning Library was to help solve the problem of knowing how to improve given where you are right now and where you want to be next time.

Check out the Growth & Learning Library

New UI

Since May, our platform has undergone a modern makeover, providing you with a sleek and contemporary interface for a better experience. Login to experience for yourself!

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Strategic Partner Support with Parent Organization

In July, we launched Strategic Partner Support, giving partners the power to effortlessly manage client organizations within their LAI parent organization, boosting their productivity with a single login.

Documentation for Partners - Managing Child Organizations

Jira Cloud Integration

Introduced in September, Jira Cloud integration is the seamless solution to manage your LAI coaching plan right in the backlog of the teams who will be executing on and in the plan!  

Jira Cloud Integration Video Series
Jira Cloud Documentation

Coaching Assistant

In September, we introduced the Coaching Assistant, exclusively for you. Enhance visibility and precision, tailor recommendations with weighted percentages, and gain actionable insights with the Recommendations widget.

Coaching Assistant Video Series
 Coaching Assistant Documentation

Goal & Impediment Association
with Improvement Actions

In September, we made it easier for you to manage goals and impediments by integrating them seamlessly with Improvement Actions (IAs). Mark questions, generate relevant IAs, and track progress effortlessly.

Improvement Actions Video
Improvement Actions Documentation

Improvement Actions Dashboard

In December, we introduced the Improvement Action (IAs) Dashboard, your central hub for managing improvement actions. Customize your IA table, simplify data handling, and effortlessly drive action.

IA Dashboard Video
IA Dashboard Documentation

Community Spotlight

Partner Spotlight | Tactec
Conquer Technical Debt for Business Agility and Cost Control 


In this blog post, Tactec's owner, Brent Reed discusses the concept of technical debt, its various forms, and strategies to effectively manage and minimize it. Technical debt, much like financial debt, accumulates when less-than-ideal solutions are implemented during development, creating maintenance burdens in the long run. Reed emphasizes that proactive management is the key to reducing technical debt and optimizing software quality. Reed provides three steps to tackle technical debt: (1) identifying and rating it, where prioritization is crucial, (2) developing a plan to address the debt, involving the entire team in the process, and (3) continuously monitoring and refining the plan. These strategies resonate with the importance of communication, collaboration, and iterative improvements, which are essential for keeping technical debt to a minimum and ensuring efficient software engineering practices.
Read the full article from Tactec


Take your Free DevOps-Technical Debt Assessment by Tactec Today!

Get started with the streamlined version of this assessment today! Reach out to Tactec for valuable insights on how to effectively act upon the outcomes of your evaluation.


Company Spotlight | Reluctant Agilist Podcast

Is Agile Delivering The Business Outcomes You Are Looking For? with Jessica Wolfe

Screenshot 2023-12-18 175743 2-1

In an insightful episode of's Reluctant Agilist Podcast, Jessica Wolfe, LAI's head of growth, shares her expertise on using Lean Agile Intelligence to drive outcomes-driven improvement. As a dedicated professional in the tech industry, Jessica has lead many organizations to define, improve, and achieve their desired business outcomes. She explains how Lean Agile Intelligence can make visible the most critical factors that drive success in an organization. By focusing on outcomes, practices, and behaviors, organizations can effectively measure the impact of their continuous improvement efforts. Jessica's personal growth journey and expertise in continuous improvement empower others to transform their own organizations' success. 
Read full article from
Watch Podcast on YouTube

Enrich Your Knowledge with New Growth & Learning Library Content

We've added substantial new content to our Growth & Learning Library, featuring advanced topics such as Product Envisioning, Leadership Mindset, and Roadmap. Share these resources to empower your team and accelerate continuous improvement.

This blog post explores the vital role of DevOps Testing in software development. It highlights the significance of continuous integration, delivery, and automation for seamless collaboration, faster releases, and reliable outcomes. It also discusses key testing strategies like Shift Left Testing and Test Automation that align with the DevOps culture. Understanding DevOps Testing leads to smoother development cycles and higher-quality software.

This blog post explores DevOps deployment and its benefits, emphasizing how it streamlines development and operations tasks, enhances efficiency, and reduces time to market. By promoting collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery, DevOps enables teams to seamlessly integrate, test, and release quality projects, revolutionizing software development and driving business success.

  1. Team Agility Advanced: Devops Testing - This blog post delves into the integral role that DevOps Testing plays in modern software development. The post emphasizes the importance of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automation, arguing these elements pave the way for seamless collaboration, faster releases, and reliable outcomes. Additionally, the blog offers valuable insights into key testing strategies that harmoniously blend with the DevOps culture, such as Shift Left Testing and Test Automation. Enhancing your understanding of DevOps Testing can ultimately lead to smoother product development cycles and software of higher quality. Click the link above to fully grasp how you can benefit from incorporating DevOps Testing in your next project!

  2. Team Agility Advanced: DevOps Deploy - In this blog post, we dive into the concept of DevOps deployment and its numerous benefits. The post highlights how DevOps deployment streamlines the critical tasks of development and operations, thereby enabling companies to enhance efficiency and reduce the time it takes to bring their products or solutions to market. With an emphasis on collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery, the world of DevOps allows teams to seamlessly integrate, test, and release quality projects. You'll gain invaluable insights into how embracing the principles of DevOps deployment can revolutionize your organization's approach to software development and ultimately drive greater business success.


Sneak Peek: Exciting January Release Coming Soon!

We have lots of exciting updates coming soon! Launch assessments effortlessly, manage them with ease, and loads of experience improvements! You will get valuable context while editing Improvement Actions and read below to learn more!

Launching an assessment will be a whole lot easier to understand!
Launching an Assessment will guide you through every necessary option, making decision-making clearer. 

Exciting updates to our assessment experience!
Effortlessly navigate through questions without answering. ‘Suspend’ will be properly worded ‘Cancel & Come Back’ to better help users understand the action they are taking when selecting that function. Plus, enjoy a revamped layout for a simpler and more user-friendly interface to toggle through questions.


Introducing Manage Assessments - the new and improved replacement for Assessment History! 
With added features like Cancel Assessment, Complete Assessment, and Continue Assessment, get real-time progress updates and access all assessment options.


Managing Assessments will also be easier!
Easily manage assessment completion by accessing Entity and Team details through the shared participant link, login screen, and the Self-Assessment Platform. Stay informed throughout the assessment process!

Assessment_AssessmentHistory (7)-1

Improvement Action (IA) Edit screen upgrade
When editing an IAs, you will have the additional context of created date, updated date, and closed date to provide valuable context while making decisions in the IA.

As always, you can stay on top of our upcoming release notes here:

Exciting Plans Ahead in 2024!

  • Shifting from Quarterly Roadmap Preview to Quarterly Hands on Partner and Customer Product Enablement created specifically for our current and loyal partners and customers.

  • 2024 Launch of the LAI Community!

    • Self-service onboarding enablement

    • LAI Community Monthly Newsletter - sign up here

    • Partner and Customer Solutions Showcase

  • 2024 Launch of Revamped Partner Program!

  • More enhancements to enable outcomes driven improvement in your organization, team and self!

Remember, achieving success is a continuous journey, and we are here to be your trusted guide every step of the way! Reach out to us anytime on our Contact Us page or email us at

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